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The Tampa office is centrally located in the Westshore District district and has since seen hundreds of patients and athletes.


Total Vitality Medical Group is a complete multi-disciplinary  that utilizes a team approach to treat patients.  They providing exceptional, individualized care in order to optimize the health of each patient  and treat a wide range of health issues from musculoskeletal injuries and pain to allergy testing, nutritional counseling, weight loss and much more.


The team includes board certified medical physicians(MD), osteopathic physicians(DO), chiropractic physicians(DC), advance registered nurse practitioners (ARNP), physical therapists(PT), massage therapists(NMT) and nutritionists.  The staff is well trained and work together as a closely coordinated team bringing to the patient the best personal care available for your healthcare needs.


At Total Vitality Medical Group, we treat the whole patient, not just their symptoms. We look at each individual’s overall health and  “peel back” the layers  to understand the root cause of symptoms in order to address health issues.





4100 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 114
Tampa, Florida USA
FL 33609


Tues: 10-6 Thur: 10-6

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