How To Get Back On Track After the Holidays

The holidays are over and you’re lying in bed, with your eyes closed. And then you remember everything that was consumed during that time. From all the deserts, the pizza, or the cheesecake, the giant double bacon cheeseburger or all of the above. Maybe your diet-goal-oriented conscious doesn’t kick in until a few weeks after the fact, when you pull on those jeans that you wore a few months ago and notice that they’re a bit snug.

The sense of guilt and frustration hits as it follows the “oh well, since I already blew it” thought that runs through our minds as we reach for that next unhealthy choice. So how do you get back on track? How do you recover after you have over indulged, skipped a few workouts, or even completely abandoned your healthy lifestyle goals entirely for a few months?

The answer is simple: One step at a time.

Recognize Your Mistake

Acknowledging the choices that you have made which have taken you away from your goals are the first step. Nothing will change the past, not even guilt, negative self-talk, or self-shaming. You can have control of the present not what has already happened. Everyone has long-term goals, but it is important to think of those short term goals as well.

Set Realistic Goals

Returning to a healthy diet and a fitness routine is one of the best feelings of accomplishment and empowerment you can feel. If your long-term goals are number-oriented, focus on the small stuff: try to focus on losing five pounds this month instead of 50 pounds this year. If you’re not focused on the numbers, pick something you can measure. If you currently run a mile in 12 minutes, give yourself a month to try and run it under 10 minutes.

In the beginning, make sure your goals are day-by-day goals. For example, if you can’t break the fast-food habit, decide today that instead of going through the drive through twice, you’ll only go once. Maybe next week you’ll only sit in that drive-through line on three days instead of five. And in the next month, you’ll only visit that fast food stop twice total.

Remember that Setbacks are Normal

Life happens and setbacks do occur. A life without chocolate, red wine and the occasional slice of pizza is not a one would want to live 100% of the time, but taking a day, week or even a month off from your journey towards a healthier lifestyle does not make you a failure. It just means that you took a break, and now it’s time to get back on that wagon.

Remember that your health, fitness and nutrition goals should be a part of your life. Leave yesterday where it is, grab an apple, go for a walk, and decide to make today a day that brings you one small step closer to where you want to be.

What’s Your Next Step?

If you are not sure on how to start, contact us today at Total Medical Vitality Group. We will discuss your goals, and work with you to create a personalized and custom plan that best fit your goals.

We want to hear from you! What are your resolutions or goals for this New Year? What short-term goals are you setting for yourself?