Being a patient at Total Vitality has IMPROVED MY OVERALL QUALITY OF LIFE. I am 61 years old and I work out 7 days per week.  I actually get in 10 workouts per week when I include cardio and paddle-boarding 3 times per week.

People have noticed that I look great and people are always surprised when I tell them my age.  I feel sharp, clear and focused and on top of my game when it comes to work, workouts and overall confidence.  I sleep like a baby also.

The Total Vitality Medical side has also helped me with some wear and tear injuries to the point that I am now living pain free.  I had a torn meniscus in my knee and had PRP, a procedure that helps my body heal itself, and 2 weeks later I went hiking!  I also had a frozen shoulder and torn labrum that I had an MUA (chiropractic manipulation under anesthesia) which decreased my pain and increased my range of motion.

I would recommend Total Vitality to anyone who wants to feel great and keep on feeling great!

I have been coming to Total Vitality for a year and a half. I feel leaner, and I can cheat on my diet a bit more because I have more muscle. I feel great about my performance in gym and sexually.

I am a hairdresser and own 2 salons and I am on my feet all day. At the end of my day I no longer feel fatigued and I am energetic all day long. I am 48 years old and I look and feel better than when I was in my early 40’s. I love the customer service, especially with the prescriptions.

I see Dr David Wolstein for Hormone Replacement and Kathy Gonzales, ARNP for Primary Care. Both of them are really good listeners, and I love the differences in their styles and love the coverage from the multi-specialty facility and the efficiency that both of can freely discuss questions regarding my care.

TI would recommend Total Vitality- and do!

My name is Kristen Simmonds, I am 46 year old pro bikini competitor and I just won the title of Mrs Tampa 2017. /p>

I have been going to Total Vitality since 2007.  I am so blessed to have total vitality take care of me.

I am also a personal trainer and dietician , I have also sent so many of my clients to Total Vitality which they take good care of and help them feel amazing .

I can't tell you how great I feel.  I get my blood tested every 4 months and if my hormones are off they adjust them .

I sleep so well, my energy is great and my skin is flawless .

I do recommend Total Vitality to anyone wanting to fight the aging process or just feel awesome .

Total Vitality is a most excellent place, really happy and thrilled that I have Total Vitality. You guys are great!

My program-HORMONES AND THE RIGHT VITAMINS FOR ME gives me more energy and confidence that I am on track. I AM FEELING GREAT AND I THINK I AM LOOKING GREAT!  I do spearfishing and I couldn’t do that without swimming each day as well as using my weights daily in my house daily.  I hear from friends my age that they don’t recover so quickly, but I FEEL THAT MY PROGRAM HAS REALLY KEPT ME AS ACTIVE AS I WANT TO BE.

Being a professional athlete later in life has its challenges, like not recovering as quickly as I used to.

My TOTAL VITALITY program has helped me recover quicker and achieve my personal and professional objectives which include keeping up with a hectic global travel schedule.

Last but not least, the staff is very discreet, professional and always helpful.