First Line Therapy is an FDA approved, accredited protocol with proven results that will take patients from a diminished state of health to a vibrant quality of life. It provides an abundance of healthy lifestyle choices and a balance within the body known as homeostasis. When we are in homeostasis, our bodies can heal themselves, for the cure to you is in you.

First Line Therapy, utilized in what is known as Functional Medicine or Integrative Medicine, is different because instead of being reactionary and treating the symptom, it is patient based and goes after the cause of the symptomology. The specific intent is to bring the body back into a balanced state of health so it can and will do what is has been designed to do.

Our lives are a series of choices. We have the option to make healthy decisions in how we meet each day and face each challenge thrown at us. If we make the choice to provide poor nutrition, overstress our minds and sleep little, it is like hitting your thumb with a hammer, then taking Advil for the pain while you keep hitting it.  Or you can simply stop hitting it.  At some point, your body will make that decision for you, though. Miraculous as it is, our bodies reach a point where they can no longer heal.

First Line Therapy is about having a trained professional work with you on making selections that will provide a path to recovery, defining clear healthy choices that will help your body heal and bring it back into balance and harmony that it desires. Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine are all about this approach, critical need medications together with targeted supplementation and the integration of complimentary approaches to address root cause and healing.

In today’s society, obesity is at epidemic proportions. People are carrying way too much fat on their frames, not realizing the damage this does TO the body.  The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar one that preys on the masses desperate need to get rid of the extra weight. The unfortunate part is we know with certainty that most diets do not work, as they do not target underlying causes.  Yes, reducing caloric intake can get the scale to show smaller numbers. However, if more muscle than fat is lost, thus reducing metabolic rates, that makes it even harder to lose the fat and much more likely to gain it back.

First Line Therapy, accredited with the Joslin and Cleveland clinics, having been researched and tested extensively, is not focused on weight loss exclusively. By reducing inflammation, improving overall health and increasing physical activity, the side effect of this protocol is healthy fat loss, not simply a reduction on a scale. Here, at Total Vitality Medical Group, under the direction of Derek Middleton, as we enable you to improve your health, reduce your symptoms, balance your health and improve your energy, your body will naturally let go of the excess fat it carries. Beyond making everyday living more exuberant, the protocols will help you with healthy aging without having to be on multiple medications to get through your day.

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