Total Vitality Medical Group: The Best Weapon to Combat Injuries and Pain

The initial thought that comes to mind when you consider the term chiropractor is treatment for a back injury or an adjustment for a pain in the neck. This does make sense in a rudimentary fashion because a chiropractor will often make an adjustment that helps you feel better when you are suffering pain along the spinal column. The problem is that this basic understanding of chiropractic care fails to take into account the additional specialties practiced at Total Vitality Medical Group and how each may be able to help when a part of your body becomes injured.

The physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and other medical professionals working with Total Vitality Medical Group possess important experience and can leverage years of knowledge to help provide the right diagnosis, eliminate pain and rehabilitate patients as expediently as possible. Take a look at the injuries listed below that the medical staff at Total Vitality Medical Group can help treat.

Pain and What it Means to Your Body

There is information which was made available by the American Chiropractic Association which indicates that there can be as many as 31 million Americans who are experiencing a symptom like low back pain at any given point in time. This type of pain is actually the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Pain of this nature, really any and all pain, is how our bodies tell us that there is a problem, that something is not in place or that there is something wrong. The nerves send signals to and from regions of the body to tell the brain something is hurt and many of us ignore the message, until the condition becomes excruciating.

The chiropractic medical professionals and physical therapists who work in our office can work together to build a plan that will aid in minimizing the impact pain in the neck, back, hips and extremities have on your life.

Total Vitality Medical Group patients who opt to participate in a physical therapy program prior to the introduction of another type of care will be treated with passive and active treatment methods. Passive therapy includes treatments that are done to a patient, while active therapy makes its focus exercise and improved range of motion.

Medical Conditions a Total Vitality Medical Group Medical Professional Can Treat

The medical professionals who work on our Total Vitality Medical Group team look at treatment from the perspective that, when presented with the correct plan and course of action, the body can heal without the need for a visit to the Total Vitality Medical Group surgical center. Below you will find a look at a number of the surprising conditions we treat successfully with physical therapy, chiropractic care or a blended approach of the two:

  • Jaw pain
  • Migraines and tension headaches
  • Stress disorders
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • Weakened immune systems
  • Limited range of motion or flexibility
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep disorders
  • Pain from repetitive stress injuries
  • Quality of life issues for individuals with arthritis.

This approach to treatment can be observed when considering the often debilitating fibromyalgia. The patients diagnosed with this syndrome are increasingly turning to the kind of care offered by Total Vitality Medical Group to treat the neck pain, back pain and leg cramps that are associated with it. Many patients have found that the care our health professionals offer allows the bones, ligaments, muscles, joints and tendons to function properly and the result is a life with minimal pain when our carefully designed system is employed. That is correct, treatment offered by the professionals from Total Vitality Medical Group can positively impact pain caused by a chronic condition.

For patients who have never had to live with the pain of a chronic condition like fibromyalgia, the application of chiropractic medicine in the treatment of migraine pain might be easier to understand. The current protocol for treatment of migraine pain includes use of pain medication, antidepressants and even medical injections, all of which are temporary and mask the real cause for the migraine pain. Focused treatment on the cervical spine can help to bring the body into balance and migraine triggers can diminish significantly for a patient. The professionals from Total Vitality Medical Group may also pair an adjustment of the cervical spine with supplements to aid the body in its journey toward balance.

Make an Appointment to Improve Your Quality of Life

If you want to live your life, one that is free from pain, you need to seek treatment with the chiropractic and physical therapy medical professionals at Total Vitality Medical Group. The medical professionals who are on our team know how to work with our Medical Director to develop a specialized and personalized treatment plan that will improve the quality of life for patients suffering from any host of conditions. Should a course of chiropractic care or a physical therapy plan fail to alleviate or eliminate pain, the professionals from Total Vitality Medical Group who are responsible for your treatment may suggest surgical intervention. Schedule an appointment to discuss your condition today.

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