IV Vitamin Therapy


Your body’s immune system is highly intelligent and is designed to safeguard you from disease. Conditions such as stress, a medical illness or processed foods, food intolerance and this everyday toxic environment we live in can inhibit the absorption of our nutrients.

The increased nutrient levels, by direct administration into the bloodstream, can provide an efficient and immediate therapeutic response by helping to correct nutritional deficiencies. IV Vitamin Therapy is a very effective way to prevent and recover from illness, speed up the healing process, and generally improve health and wellness.  The treatment is safe and easy and, in most cases, results are felt immediately!

Some of the many benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy are:

  • Safe, effective and the most efficient delivery of vital nutrients for maximum effect
  • Bypasses the digestive tract for 100% absorption which means no stomach upset
  • Immediate availability for cellular production and absorption
  • Safely delivers high doses of nutrients not tolerated orally
  • Aids in the recovery process from an illness or surgery
  • Helps to prevent illness, increase energy, and slow the effects of aging

Total Vitality Medical Group offers several IV therapies that help your body fend off illness, correct nutritional deficiencies and enhance your immune response to help promote natural healing.

IV Vitamin Therapy is administered by our healthcare professionals and are available to purchase singularly or purchase an IV package for even greater savings!

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