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While it may be harder to obtain all the nutrients you require through food alone, it is still possible to supply your body with the essential nutrients it requires. The cells in your body require vitamins in order to form, grow, and operate.

You can receive many of these vitamins from your meals along with other nutrients like minerals and amino acids, but you might not be receiving the correct combination of nutrients on your own. That’s where vitamin supplements come in, to bring about balance in the nutrition of your body.

There are two alternative methods for delivering such supplements to your body; the traditional method of swallowing a pill and a novel yet a superior method for delivering nutrients directly into your circulation, IV therapy. Read on to discover the best benefits IV therapy offers over vitamin pills.

Benefits Of Iv Drip Vs Oral Vitamins

What Is IV Therapy?

As a kind of intravenous nutrition delivery, IV therapy injects nutrients straight into the veins. Nearly every contemporary medical center in the world uses this method to treat patients with a wide range of health issues. It is often the best solution for individuals who are unable to ingest their nutrients or meds orally since they can have all their nutrients injected straight into the bloodstream using this technique.

Owing to its improved efficiency, it is considered superior to taking a vitamin supplement orally. As a result, many IV treatment practitioners use this method to provide high doses of essential vitamins and minerals to their patients. It is possible to see results nearly immediately when nutrients are administered intravenously.

The Difference Between IV Therapy and Oral Supplements

While both IV therapy and oral supplements share the common objective of delivering vital nutrients to the body without losing effectiveness, they are more different than you might think. The main and most obvious difference is the method by which nutrients are delivered to the body.

Oral supplements are often taken as fluids, pills, or capsules that are simply ingested. On the other hand, IV therapy provides a direct and immediate way to deliver nutrients to the body, bypassing the digestive system. This allows the nutrients to go straight into your bloodstream, ensuring that the nutrients are absorbed by the body properly.

The Top 5 Benefits of IV Therapy Over Vitamin Pills

IV Therapy is far more efficient than conventional oral supplements when it comes to hydrating your body and giving customized nourishment. Nutrition is supplied more quickly, and your body absorbs far more of it. An IV treatment gives your health a noticeable boost, whether it’s a daily component of your wellness routine or a one-time boost when you’re sick and in need of it. Here are the top 5 benefits of using IV therapy over vitamin pills

1. Keeps Your Body Well Hydrated

Every drip starts with fluid, which not only serves as an excellent delivery mechanism but also hydrates your body much more quickly and effectively than you can do by simply drinking water.

Lactated ringers and saline are the two most commonly used liquids. Water and salt are combined in a saline solution that is precisely calibrated to match a person’s body salt content. Lactated ringers are made of sodium chloride, calcium lactate, sodium lactate, and potassium lactate.

2. Faster Absorption for Enhanced Effectiveness and Faster Results

Simply said, IV therapy’s effectiveness is one of its main advantages. When you orally ingest nutrients, they must pass through your digestive tract and be metabolized before your body can absorb them. The bioavailability of vitamins taken orally is at most approximately 50%, so it takes too long for them to work.

When compared to IV treatment, which bypasses the slow and tedious digestion process and delivers nutrients directly into your circulation, your body is able to soak up all of the nutrients. It works super fast, and it can have you feeling better and seeing results almost immediately.

3. You Can Get Your Own Customized Blend of Nutrients

When ingesting vitamin pills and tablets, there is very little individualized care. You take what is offered. As a result, many individuals discover that taking multiple products is necessary to achieve the desired combination of outcomes.

With IV therapy, on the other hand, you can create a customized blend of nutrients depending on the effects they bring and the parts of your wellness they tackle. Plus, these advantages are supplied in a single infusion.

4. No More Dealing with the Irritating Side Effects Of Oral Supplements

Oral supplements, as you are aware, must be ingested orally, which means that anything you swallow must pass through your complete digestive tract. Because these pills come in a variety of forms and sizes, they are more likely to irritate different regions of the digestive system.

Certain vitamins may cause acid reflux illness, but some oral supplements may completely irritate your stomach. One of the most prevalent negative effects of oral vitamins is stomach wall inflammation.

With IV therapy, you can receive all the essential vitamins much more efficiently without having to irritate your digestive system by aggravating the stomach wall.

5. No More Swallowing Large Pills

Anyone can tell you that swallowing a lot of pills is not enjoyable. According to a recent survey, swallowing pills of any size is a challenge for about 40% of Americans. The fact that the majority of supplements come in large, difficult-to-swallow tablets only makes matters worse.

And that is why IV therapy remains superior. IV treatment can enable nutritional absorption without the need to gulp down a pill.

Feel Your Best With IV Therapy From Total Vitality Medical Group

Intravenous supplement therapy, offered by Total Vitality Medical Group, is a very efficient method for treating a variety of fatigue-related conditions, including exhaustion, irritation, and other diseases.

Most people report having better-looking skin, greater energy, a healthy immune system, as well as significantly better self-esteem and overall health when they have IV treatment from Total Vitality Medical Group as a regular part of their wellness regimen.

The doctors at Total Vitality Medical Group are dedicated to enhancing your health and providing you with appropriate medical care for any conditions you may have. If you have any questions regarding IV vitamin therapy or any of their other helpful procedures, fill in the contact form to speak to one of their professionals.

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