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Are you looking for a good Chiropractor in Tampa? Luckily, Total Vitality Medical Group is a great chiropractor, and we are available for new patients in the Tampa Bay area.

However, if you are still looking for a good chiropractor, following these few tips will help guide you to find your future chiropractor (and hopefully it’s us!).

1. It’s More Than Adjustments

First things first, if your current chiropractor only offers adjustments and joint manipulation, your body may need more. Although adjustments are great for your body, every patient that walks through the door is getting the same care. Your body deserves the best care, so your chiropractor should be offering you more. There are other therapies that can be offered to you like functional exercise therapy, McKenzie Method, dry needling, and more. Before scheduling an appointment with your next chiropractor, see if they are trained and educated in various techniques.

2. Avoid the Pressure from the Chiropractor

Meaning, if your doctor is pressuring you into a long-term treatment plan, you don’t always have to do it. Sometimes it’s necessary, but not all treatment plans need to feel like an eternity. Your doctor should communicate with you on your treatment but be aware of what you actually need. Most medical guidelines recommend 4-6 visits for a trial period and then another 4-6 visits for a resolution. To sum it up, if your chiropractor is asking to see you multiple times a week for months, then get out of there.

3. Refrain from Endless X-Rays

If your chiropractor is taking x-rays the majority of the time, it’s time for a new one. Many injuries do need x-rays from certain symptoms; however, make sure there is a valid reason as to why the doctor is x-raying.

4. It’s All About You

Remember it’s all about you. Your chiropractor should be working with you to perfect your goals for your body. Your chiropractor should always be available to explain everything and offer you advice for outside of the office. So, the next time you’re looking for a new doctor think about these few tips.

Total Vitality Medical Group is always available for you with a great Chiropractor in Tampa.

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